Replacement Pre-Filter 6-pack for Pure Air Systems 1200HS/2000HS


  • Replacement Pre-Filters catch large particulates and protect HEPA elements.
  • These Pre-Filter are compatible with the Pure Air Systems 1200HS PLUS and 2000HS PLUS Whole House Filtration System units.
  • These are not your run-of-the-mill hardware store filter elements.
  • Constructed of Polyester and do not contain fiberglass.
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Pre-Filters should be replaced based on system usage and environment.

These are great filters and can be ordered as BioPanels in sizes to replace fiberglass / pleated cardboard filter elements in your heating/cooling system. BioPanels are the result of Pure Air Systems filter expertise applied to the often overlooked furnace filter.

Please contact us with your replacement filter needs.

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