Carbon Air Filtration System Diagram showing filtration of airborne contaminants

About Carbon Systems

  • Our 1200HS PLUS and 2000HS PLUS HEPA based air filtration systems are also available as OA or Odor Absorption units.
  • Uses all activated carbon or other absorptive medias in-lieu of the HEPA filter.
  • For use in eliminating a wide variety of gases and odors.
  • Depending upon the system and configuration you can have up to 60 lbs of carbon or other absorptive medias in the units.

For many applications the reduction and or removal of a specific gas or odor is the primary issue. The ability to combine the all carbon units with the variable speed ECM motors allows for finite air flow control ( CFM ) of the specific gas through the carbon to obtain best absorption rate and maximize single pass removal efficiency.

In the past three decades Pure Air Systems have been used to remove gases from Acetone to Toluene and everything in between. They have also removed organic and inorganic solvents and all types of odors from a wide variety of sources.

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