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  • Effective for every application - For Residential and Commercial Use.
  • Powerful, 3-Stage Filtration - Filters out 99.9% of particles down to 0.3 microns.
  • Energy Efficiency Options - Single Speed (600HS) or Variable Speed Motor
  • Airflow Options - 500-2000 CFM Air Flow.
  • Installation Options - Run in Conjunction with HVAC System OR Standalone. Most Units Available in Horizontal & Vertical Configurations to Fit Your Needs.
  • Easy step-by-step installation - or we will direct you to a local HVAC contractor to install your system for you.
  • Carbon Systems - Our 1200HS PLUS and 2000HS PLUS HEPA based air filtration systems are also available as Carbon Systems, designed for maximum odor absorption.
  • Looking for Replacement Filters? Buy replacement filters for your Pure Aire Systems air filtration unit.

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